Automated Virtual Arranger

Say Hello to AVA

Welcome to the next evolution of online funeral arrangements, consumer education and employee training.  Its name is AVA which stands for Automated Virtual Arranger.  So, how does AVA help your funeral home generate more calls and revenue and educate my families?

Today’s consumers prefer to watch short, content-specific videos compared to reading text.  AVA uses custom scripting created by your funeral home, and with our help, converts your script into a polished video presentation presented by an avatar that you choose.    

 The online cremation and burial planner uses AVA to present family education and options in an easytounderstand, professional video presentation, helping families select the best value services and merchandise for their arrangements.  Our custom family information vignettes that feature AVA help you tell your story in your words, building your brand in the community.  


Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use my avatar for?

How am I able to customize the content and branding with these videos?

Are we able to create videos in multiple languages, accents, and race?

How much will AVA cost our funeral home?

Where can I use these videos?

What is required from me?

Why use AVA?

Is AVA just another cartoon character?

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