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Our Lead Gen Websites are Your Path to Improving Profitability & Market Share


“Your families don’t know what they don’t know”

So, what is a Lead Gen Website?

Our Lead Gen Websites are designed based on a couple of very simple thoughts that many funeral home owners have communicated to us. “Our client families don’t know what they don’t know about funerals” and “How do I educate my families with an online solution, so they at least understand the options available to them?”

That was the challenge posed by one of our consulting clients and one to that we applied some very different thinking and building process. The challenge went like this; using an online arrangement office or pre-need solution, how do I give “All families, All Options, All the time”.

How are We Different?

First, we took the approach that providing a single cremation platform that focused on low-end or immediate cremations was a very limiting approach to improving overall revenue per call and added a complete burial option as well. Next, we focused on “gently educating” consumers. Then, for those families that requested more information online, we generated a lead for the funeral provider to follow up with. Lastly, for those consumers who really want a “no funeral provider interaction experience” and prefer to “self-serve”, they can pay online, receive a contract and complete their arrangements. Contact us to learn more about how our Lead Gen Websites work and how they can benefit your funeral home and client families.

Your Words, Not Ours!

We believe that your words and how you communicate with your families are vitally important to building a successful online arrangement platform that does not limit the client family options while building your brand and leadership position within your local community.

If you are looking for an intuitive process at an affordable monthly price, contact us at Strategic Funeral Resources. We would be pleased to show you how you can generate more revenue and better educate your families at the same time, to help prepare them for future business with your funeral home.


Lead Gen Website

Starting at $99/month

• Customized theme from our website layout
• Include all of your available service and merchandise options
• Optional setup for At Need, Pre Need, or both
• Annual pricing updates completed at no charge
• Website analytics included
• Initial setup fee of $295