About Strategic Funeral Resources


Strategic Funeral Resources has more than 30 years of experience in funeral service, developing both online arrangement office and selection room presentations. We have created arrangement office solutions for funeral homes of all sizes. Each of our online solutions is fully customized specifically for your funeral home and arrangement team. One size doesn’t fit all.

In addition to our funeral home consulting services and Performance Management System, we focus on three main online solutions: Virtual Arrangement Office, Pre Need Lead Generation, and our Online eCommerce Cremation Planner. We also design and print Custom Arrangement Office Guides. Each of our solutions are designed to help your funeral home build revenue, generate leads, and capture increased market share.

As of December 2020, we are now offering the Cremation Collaboration Platform, that bundles all of our services together and form a complete package solution; designed to make your funeral home successful in the changing cremation marketplace.

Strategic Funeral Resources is a boutique funeral solution firm in the business of providing outstanding, customized client service and solutions, just like your funeral home or cemetery. Over the years, we have provided a wide range of services for burial or cremation opportunities, both tactical and strategic. Our arrangement office focus has helped our funeral home clients to build their businesses profitably, while implementing new ideas and concepts for the future.