Arranger Training Skills

Arranger training and ongoing performance improvement is an essential part of long term family satisfaction and revenue success, and yet most funeral home owners shy away from implementing an ongoing, learning type culture. There is a direct correlation between arranger performance and family perception of the value your funeral home provides.

You determine the direction you wish to engage with us to help improve your arranger education, communication and performance and we align the training sessions to meet those objectives. While we are certified sales trainers, our focus is not on selling techniques. Our focus is on helping your arrangers communicate services and products using empathy and education as the guiding direction.

A single training session without ongoing follow up and practice will not lead to the improvements you may be searching for. A one time session with out practice and follow up is a waste of your money.

Engaging Cremation Experts is your opportunity to begin the process of improving the skill sets of your team, designed to help them interact and improve communication with your families. When that happens, your client satisfaction and revenue will improve.