EVO Canada Payment Solution

It’s a fact. Funeral homes across North America are finding it harder and harder to generate solid profitability and returns on a yearly basis.

Increasing direct cremation rates are causing a cash flow crunch with many funeral homes. Combined with an increasing number of pre need contracts being written which are decrasing in value and reducing future cash flows, now is the time to make one easy change to reduce your costs by reducing credit card processing fees.

At last, a payment acceptance solution that brings clear pricing on the table

Many credit card providers offer the 1.39% rate as a loss leader to entice you into thinking that is the rate you are being charged when you process a credit card. Wrong! In reality, the rate you are being charged changes by card type and adding in your monthly administration fees. This increases your total credit card processing fees to 2.5% or 3% or higher.

Let us show you how to lower your credit card processing costs, today!