AI Social Media Library

In many of today’s presentations made by funeral service and social media marketing guru’s, we constantly hear them talking about the need for original content for to help  keep your families engaged.  While suggesting new, original content is part of the marketing solution to growing your funeral business, there are two main roadblocks many funeral home owners face!

First, there aren’t many funeral home owners who have the time to create new content, month after month.  Secondly, with the revenue challenges many funeral homes are facing today, the cost to produce custom content is often out of reach for many.

Here at SFR, using our ability to create AI video content for pennies on the dollar, we now provide custom content.  The process is simple and easy to implement for your social feeds or website.  With a planned 30 plus topics ranging from the presentation of service options, receptions, merchandise, community involvement, pre need, and facilities.  If you have a topic you would like to focus on, we would be pleased to use our AI process to create the content you desire.

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