Virtual Arrangement Resource (VAR) Overview

Main Landing Page

· Our Virtual Arrangement Resource is individually customized for your firm and we deliver a fully complete and ready to use program, not a template your team has to build

· Promotion of additional services such as meeting rooms, pet services or weddings are an opportunity to increase revenue

· We incorporate the imagery, style, color and feel of your current website

Burial or Cremation Services

· As we develop the VAR with you, we incorporate how you make arrangements to enhance the Client Family Experience

· Just as your client family will benefit from a consistent arranger presentation, so will your arrangers

· Not all firms will use all the options such as Receptions or Monuments

Product Landing Pages

· Each Product Landing page is designed to encourage the arranger to communicate the value differences of the products you offer

Product Details

· On the large screen TV’s in your arrangement office, products are displayed as if the family was shopping at home


· We add images of your reception facilities, menus and licensed event offerings and they can easily add these services to the funeral plan from the comfort of their own home.

Building a Quote

While your arrangers are using the VAR and our point and click selection process, a detailed quote is being developed for the family.  The tool also guides them through the proccess by showing them a checklist of items or services still needed to complete the final service plan.

Quote Summary & Cash Disbursements

Before checking out and proceeding to the Contract for signatures, there is a Quote Summary

Cash Disbursements are identified for inclusion into the contract

The financial activity is logged and stored for future reference and revenue tracking and creating summery reports.

Contract Completion

Once the details have been finalized, an At Need or Pre Need contract (or both) is printed for their signature.

Your families can also shop and sign contracts from home for services and products you offer.  All data is stored for any in-house referencing or finalization with you, the Director or Arranger.