Pre Need Lead Generator

Generating more Pre Need Leads

How many leads did you gather last month from your online Pre Arrangement form? 5? 10? …many funeral homes report very few. It seems crazy that we continue to keep these forms operational on our websites, taking up valuable attention-getting real estate when the return is so minuscule. The reason for the poor metrics could be the personalized nature of funeral care or the lack of online shoppers, at Strategic Funeral Resources we believe that the reason is far more simple – Poor user experience.


Current Pre Need forms

Your Improved Pre Need Experience

A New Online Pre Need Experience

At Strategic Funeral Resources we have re-imagined the online funeral home lead generation experience making it feel personal, intuitive, and fast. It’s quick and easy to replace your existing word document and add our custom link to your website function.

Typically when a user on your site clicks a button to arrange online, they are sent to a giant form with seemingly endless information to fill out, in a format that looks like you are doing your taxes – and no one likes doing taxes. The user quickly feels overwhelmed and leaves the page without even submitting their contact information. In a matter of 30 seconds, you had a good lead and lost them to a competitor down the street…and you probably didn’t even know it.


An Easy-to-Implement Solution incorporating Services, Pricing, and Products

  • Users will arrive at your Pre Arrangement page and select to “start the process”.
  • The first thing they are prompted to do is to give their name, email, and phone number. This captures your lead within the first few seconds, even if they choose not to continue with the process.
  • This information allows you to contact your lead in the future for a more personal arrangement discussion; answering questions, concerns, or following through with the sale.
  • Immediately, you have a system to generates leads that is more efficient and cost-effective.
  • From there, the user will be able to follow through your personalized website, that is simple, intuitive, and never overwhelming
  • This will prepare the Pre Arrangement counsellor of the users needs based on the items they select for their service.
  • From there, you simply convert the lead to a high-value contract for your funeral home.