Custom Arrangement Office Guides

Below are selected pages from several
custom Arrangement Guides we have designed
to show the many ways your guide can be customized.

Professional Arranger Presentation

You can be sure that your services and products are presented in an attractive, detailed manner. Your materials are custom designed and become an integral component of the presentation your arrangers make to each family.

Clear, Consistent Messaging

Your arrangement guide will help your arrangers present a clear and transparent message, making sure all families receive the same level of education and understanding prior to making a service or product decision.

Increase Revenue and Productivity

Provide your arrangers with an arrangement office presentation tool that helps them communicate all the options for burial or cremation consumers, increasing revenue and enhancing client family satisfaction.

Demonstrate Greater Value, Differentiate Your Funeral Home

When your custom Arrangement Guide is complete, you will have an arrangement office tool to enhance your company price list or GPL that you decide on how to use. Not only will you have a professionally printed guide for the arrangement office, you also receive a high definition digital version of the guide for your website if you wish or to use with an ever increasing number of shoppers.

When reviewing our price list and how we promote the services we offer, the decision to move to a more user-friendly guide was a very easy one. Not only do we find that the improved guide gives our funeral directors more tools to be able to better explain our value to our families, we find that our families are also much more comfortable knowing they can follow along during the initial meeting with us as well as when they take it home to review.

James Cardinal

President, Cardinal Funeral Homes

Using the Planning Guide as a tool during the arrangement process has been invaluable. The attractive design and professional appearance instantly gives us credibility and puts families at ease. The guide is also a resources for frequently asked questions and provides a host of options and selections that are clearly laid out so that decision making is easier.

Monica and Rob Jardine

Owners, Jardine Funeral Home