Cremation Collaboration Platform

Fed up with seeing your cremation rate rise and your revenues fall?

Concerned about the impact of Covid 19 on your bottom line?

Introducing the Cremation Collaboration Platform

Tired of cremation families downgrading the services they choose and eliminating the merchandise they select? It’s time to invest in a cremation solution that offers a full suite of online services, and more importantly, is there to provide you with monthly feedback before, during, and after implementation.

The Cremation Collaboration Platform is an online, comprehensive 12-month program designed for funeral homes owners searching for a cremation solution that can improve their current results and easily adapts to the changing cremation marketplace. Here’s whats included in this innovative suite of cremation services.

Your Success Tools

Custom At Need presentation software (no development costs or hosting*)

Custom Pre Need Arrangement presentation software (no development costs or hosting*)

Printed Custom Arrangement Office Guides (printing costs extra)

High Resolution Digital First Call Arrangement Guides

2x/month Custom Blog Posts

Online Client Family Satisfaction Survey module**

Online Capture the Shopper training

Online Performance Management System with 3 PM versions to select from

Pay for Performance Points compensation system

* during the first 12 months

**up to 50 client surveys each month