Business Consulting Services

Whether it’s crafting an innovative business plan, helping to train and develop your organization, turning a firm around financially, or streamlining operational processes, we’re known for helping funeral homes find smart solutions to complex problems.

Prepare your business for sale

Whether you plan to sell your business to a family member or staff or to an outside third party, we help you prepare. No two funeral homes are the same and we won’t use a cookie cutter approach to helping you prepare for the sale.

Find Underperforming Areas
of your Business

Most funeral directors find themselves working in the business rather than on the business.  This limits their ability to find where they have problems and where there is potential for growth. We can identify and address these underperforming areas and help leverage these opportunities. 

Leverage the Cremation Opportunity

Do you view cremation as a threat or opportunity?  We’ve seen the rate of cremation grow over years and helped many funeral homes put together a plan to best meet the needs of their families, regardless of their choice of final disposition.  We’ll help you determine how to best address the cremation family in your market.


Evaluate Current Expenses and Find Ways to Reduce Them

Having worked with many funeral homes over the years, we know what is considered to be a reasonable amount to spend on things like salaries, benefits and other expenses.  More importantly, we know the steps you need to take to bring these expenses in line with industry norms.



Generate Revenue through Merchandising

Funeral Directors understand the nuances of conducting funerals, but when it comes to presenting and merchandising cremation and burial services and products, many lack the expertise to do so effectively. As your client families are changing, we help you change with them to display and present the services and products they see value in.


Evaluate Product and Service Purchasing Programs

In recent years, more and more funeral suppliers are asking their customers to sign agreements.  But how do you know if you’re getting a fair deal?  We’ve had experience drafting a number of these contracts, so we know how to evaluate them to ensure you’re getting the maximum benefit.

Coach Owners and Team Members

Dealing with human resource issues are frustrating and challenging for all involved.  However, with some coaching and training, these concerns can be minimized.  Our experience runs the gamut – from initial recruiting and hiring to performance issues and terminations.